This Amazing "Power Snap" Secret Out-of-Shape Ballplayers Use to "Knock It Out of the Park" Can Easily Add Up to 40 Yards to Your Drives

— Jimmy Hanlin, Host of FOX Sports Swing Clinic

I’ll show you one simple thing you can do at just the right moment to almost effortlessly sent the ball rocketing off the tee...

Could this one simple secret — that's as easy as snapping a towel — really be the key to 300-yard straight-as-you-can-point drives no matter what your physical ability or limitations?

Look, we both know there's no better way to spend a day on the course than roasting drive after drive that's high, long, and straight down the fairway.

Who doesn't love that satisfying feeling of a flushed drive that rockets off the face...

The admiring looks from your buddies...

And not needing to punch back out onto the fairway after a nasty hook or slice.

Look, if you want to consistently send the ball rocketing high, long and straight as you can point...

With bombs up to 275 and even 300 yards...

Without all the crazy swing theories that can result in hooks, slices and injured joints...

Then join me for a minute.

Because the same principle that sends the tip of a snapped towel moving so fast it actually breaks the sound barrier just might be the game-changer you’ve been
looking for.

Especially if you've been unable to get the distance and accuracy you know you're capable of no matter how hard you try.

In fact, I'm going to show you how you may actually be putting too much effort into your drives...

Which can cost you distance and accuracy...

And can put you at risk for joint and muscle injuries.

This is why the POWER SNAP is the perfect move for older or physically limited golfers...

As well as anyone who just wants to add 20 to 50 yards of laser-straight power to their drives with just 3 practice swings.

Without going through all the complex mental and physical contortions that are the rage in golf instruction these days.

Everybody Knows Jimmy...

Hi, I'm Jimmy Hanlin, the go-to coach for many golf-loving celebrities, as well as top pro golfers like 7-time Major champion Hale Irwin.

Perhaps you already know me from my show on Fox Sports: the “Swing Clinic,” for which I’ve been awarded four Emmys...

...or from my golf radio show on ESPN...

...or you may have read about me in PGA Magazine, Golfer’s Edge, or any of the many other major publications I’ve appeared in.

I've been awarded the Ohio PGA President's Plaque on two separate occasions.

But perhaps my proudest accomplishment is having coached thousands of serious amateur golfers.

It's my favorite type of coaching — because there's nothing like the satisfaction of helping a high-handicapped golfer whittle their way into the single digits
with ease.

It's the “secret move” I accidentally uncovered while observing some retired and totally out-of-shape baseball players effortlessly smash drive after drive 275, 300, even 325 yards...

Without swinging harder...

Without huge shoulder turns...

And even without full backswings.

Because they were unconsciously applying a simple trick — a principle of physics — that baseball players use to effortlessly add extra power at the plate...

Enabling them to concentrate a burst of energy — where it matters most.

It was one of the most natural power moves I’d ever seen!

And applying it to a golf swing has been a “game changer” for myself as well as the many pros and amateurs I have shared it with.

You won't hear about it on the golf channel — or in major golf magazines.

And no, it’s not being taught by the so-called “gurus”.

Because in many ways, it’s completely the opposite of what you've probably been taught your entire golf career about what it takes to add power and speed to your swing.

You see, it doesn't require strength or flexibility.

And you don’t have to remember a complex set of instructions.

Instead, you just automatically unleash what many consider to be the most powerful swing on the planet, adding up to 50 yards of newfound straight-down-the-fairway distance to your drives...

With a simple “snap” at just the right moment.

Forget about swinging harder, twisting your body like a pretzel, or having to remember whether to move your head forward or back — or hold it still.

Simply step up to the tee with just one simple notion to put an end to those wild drives that blow up your rounds...

Allowing you to finally achieve the kind of consistent distance and accuracy that makes your buddies think twice before betting against you.

Best of all, if you’re out of shape, over 40, or suffer from joint or muscle pain, it’s an opportunity in spite of everything to turn back the hands of time and return to the power, speed and ease of your earlier years.

Sounds too good to be true, right?


No more huge turns.

No more spinning your hips.

No more rotating your body and chest to target.

All replaced by a subtle move that ignites a surge of distance-exploding power into your swing exactly when and where you need it most.

What's more, it doesn’t just work on drives.

In fact, it can instantly add dozens of yards of distance and awesome accuracy to every single club in your bag.

That means laser-like iron shots and on-command baby draws that will have you hitting 40 to 50 percent more fairways...

All while fixing your slice and shaving 6 to 8 shots off your scorecard — practically overnight.

So if you’re finally ready to stop feeling like your swing is in danger of falling apart at each tee box...

If you’re ready to stop hitting low weak slices that barely fly 200 yards before falling out of the sky like a wounded duck...

Then you'll love how the POWER SNAP — which you can master with just three practice swings — will give you payloads of extra power and enable you to nail shot after shot exactly where you want it, like clockwork...

While knocking a big pile of strokes off your scorecard your very next round out, as the natural power and accuracy hidden inside you is unleashed.

Now You Can Add MORE Distance
with LESS Effort

Before I discovered the POWER SNAP, it used to frustrate the heck out of me that no matter how much extra distance my students gained, they always wanted more.

No golfer thinks they should be able to putt like Tiger or send it splashing out of the sand like Spieth.

But everybody — no matter their handicap or physical limitations — wants to blast 275 to 300-yard drives.

And who can blame them?

There's nothing in the world like the sound, sight and feeling of a ball hit solid and rocketing across the sky like a supersonic missile — your eyes straining to follow its trajectory as it fades
from view.

And best of all: Your buddies watching from the sidelines, slack-jawed and green with envy.

So I've always been on the lookout for better ways my students could add the distance and accuracy they craved to their drives.

I studied human physiology and swing dynamics.

I checked out every new driving “hack” that came along — including whips, power bands, and even yoga.

I found many things that helped add a few yards.

But nothing I would call a huge breakthrough.

Until the day that I found myself waiting to tee off behind a group of retired baseball players at the club where I taught.

I was trying to focus on my game get, but something caught my eye:

Their shots even sounded different off the face — loud, satisfying thwacks that sent shivers down my spine and golf balls up into the stratosphere.

I couldn’t understand it.

It wasn't that they were athletes.

I've coached plenty of football players, hockey players and even Senior PGA players who didn’t hit nearly as far and true.

Besides, these guys clearly hadn’t played ball — or done any serious exercise — in years.

Most had pudgy stomachs... some, outright beer bellies.

One was the scrawniest little squirt you’ve ever seen.

And — no joke — I later found out that one of these guys had actually torn his rotator cuff lifting his golf bag onto the cart.

Yet these guys were constantly hitting it — as they say in baseball — “out of
the park.”

And I just had to find out how and why.

The Secret Power Weapon
of Over-the-Hill Ballplayers

So... back at the clubhouse, I casually asked the best of the bunch if he would like to join me the next day in hitting a bucket on the driving range.

His name was Bob and he was a 58-year-old retired outfielder with a laundry list of setbacks who defied all the odds on the green.

Forced out of baseball early with a degenerative hip, he’d had shoulder surgery and could barely get the club farther than waist high on his backswing.

When we met up he literally limped onto the driving range as we discussed our shared love of distance, and how we both like to play every course as far back as we can.

Then he picked up his driver, brought the club back, and swung at the ball with a movement so smooth and easy that for a moment, I forgot all about his physical limitations.

I could immediately hear that distinctive sound off the face: louder, fuller, more resounding, more satisfying than from any of the other golfers around us.

Now, I didn't have a launch monitor with me, but the red flag was 275 yards and he was flying it by 10 or 20 yards at least.

I was floored.

It just didn't seem possible to send it that far with such a smooth and easy swing. And hardly any turn!

I resolved to discover his secret.

On his second shot, I thought I saw something.

It was so small and effortless that I almost missed it.

It reminded me of something, but I couldn't figure out what it was.

Until I watched the next drive.

That's when I saw it: A subtle snap-like movement — that seemed to launch the ball flying straight down the fairway.

With very little effort, a smooth arm swing and hardly any turn.

Now I was excited.

And puzzled!

How could a tiny snap make such a huge difference and be giving these guys all that extra power and distance?

Passes the Toughest Test —
with FLYING Colors

I couldn’t wait to test out this POWER SNAP — especially on older golfers who have trouble moving and turning.

Many of them don’t swing the club as fast as they used to. Some even struggle just to launch the ball in the air.

Because I knew: If it works for higher handicap golfers like that, it’ll work for anyone.

That’s when I remembered my buddy Bruce, who meets all these criteria — and then some.

Not only can he barely drive the ball out of his own shadow, but his laundry list of ailments includes chronic back pain, bad joints, a banged-up hip, plus a big boiler belly that hangs over his shorts.

In other words: he made the perfect test case.

So I made plans to meet Bruce at the range the next day.

I asked him to “get loose” and he smacked a few balls. But they were flying everywhere but straight. And not very far.

It was so bad that I stopped him after just 3 or 4 swings and told him I was going to teach him a new “trick.”

That's when I showed him the POWER SNAP. It didn't take me long, since it's just one simple move.

And in just 3 swings, I could already see him really picking it up.

So I told him to tee one up, swing easy and really feel the snap.

He took it back and executed with a beautifully smooth arm swing
and... “KAPOW”...

His face lit up with a huge smile I hadn’t seen in a decade.

And he said to me: “Wow... this almost feels like cheating.”

But my favorite part was when we got back to the clubhouse for a beer.

Drink in hand, he turned to me with a look of amazement and said, “I can't believe my whole body isn't aching after pounding balls like that.”

I was thrilled not only by how easily he caught on to the POWER SNAP, but also how, with each ball, he seemed to be hitting it longer and straighter.

Of course, one golfer isn’t a very scientific study.

So I went out on the links at one of my favorite courses in the world —
in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona — to see how many others I could get driving
to their full potential with the POWER SNAP.

And here are just a few of them...

Have you ever seen transformations like that!? They're simply harnessing the same simple principle that propels the tip of a towel to over 700 miles per hour.

Your Current Swing Literally Doing You
More Harm Than Good?

Obviously, I’m over the moon that this one tiny little move could help so many different types of golfers add dozens of yards to their drives — with killer consistency.

And seeing them pick it up in just 3 to 5 swings was such a thrill for me.

Because the POWER SNAP allows you to focus on just one single and extraordinarily easy-to-master swing move.

It gets to the root cause of why your ball isn’t going as far and as straight as you’d like and enables you to concentrate energy where it's needed most.

But I have another, perhaps even more important reason to be excited...

The POWER SNAP can be a huge benefit to your physical well-being as well.

Because, you see, it may surprise you to know that the modern golf swing as it's taught today can be...

Really, really...

Bad for you.

Especially if you already suffer from any sort of physical limitation or pain.

Shocking as it may seem, golf causes more injuries every year than rough and tumble contact sports like hockey or rugby!

In fact, a study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine says that every year, up to almost half of all amateur golfers injure their lower back, elbow or shoulders.

A big reason for that is that most golf coaches today teach a fast, high-rotation swing best-suited to the younger scratch golfer or tour pro.

But it's really hard on us older golfers!

Your brain is probably stuffed full of all the moves and positions the complex rotational swing demands...

Maxing out your shoulder turn, swinging harder, and spinning your hips faster... Ouch!

And if you don’t time that rotational swing perfectly, the ball flies off to the right, snap hooks to the left or — even worse — turns into a low worm-burner that barely clears the ladies’ tee box.


What’s more, that kind of stress on your body can trigger those painful injuries that are, as I said, just too common in golf.

Call me crazy, but I doubt you want to risk painful injury if you don't have to.

That's why I'm so excited to show you how to take advantage of the POWER SNAP.

Because it doesn't require you to swing faster, practice for hours on end, or twist up like a pretzel to add jaw-dropping distance off
the tee.

In fact, in just two minutes from now, I’ll reveal my game-transforming
“30-Second Towel Snap Drill.”

With laser-sharp accuracy and consistency to boot.

And while any golfer who craves added distance can benefit from it...

It's an absolute godsend if you struggle with any sort of physical limitation.

Because there’s so much less movement to trigger or aggravate injuries.

I know — it’s the polar opposite of what everyone has been teaching you!

And it's so easy, you'll be amazed when it only takes 3 to 5 range balls for you to instantly infuse this newfound kinetic energy and finally...

Pound those drives 250... 275... even over 300 yards

Imagine stepping up to the tee with your buddies, knowing that you’re about to bask in the glory of their slack-jawed faces as they watch you drill one right down the middle with a confidence you never dreamed of before.

And then doing it again and again — hole after hole.

Wild drives, hot pulls, snap hooks, worm-burners, pop-ups and banana slices... all become a distant memory...

Leaving just dead-straight drives that fly farther than you ever imagined possible — all with just one, tiny little move!

Just focus on snapping it and forget all those positions, tips and thoughts about what to do with your head, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees — oh, my!

Imagine dropping 6 to 9 shots from your scorecard... hitting 50% more fairways... and confidently taking dead aim at any pin — even with a career back 9 going and your buddies looking on.

How is such a transformation possible?

It's simple, really: The less you rotate, the more likely you are to hit the ball dead square, which means more distance and more accuracy.

I mean, it makes sense, right? How are you supposed to get that clubface square when you're twisting and turning your body around like a contortionist?

Golf is just so much easier with the POWER SNAP because all you have to do is just swing right down the target line and snap it to erase decades of power-zapping swing flaws.

Just relax your arms and POW... let the snap do all the work!

No wonder it’s rapidly becoming so many golfers' favorite weapon from the tee or on the fairway.

Drive Up to 40 Yards Longer?
Now it's a Snap...

One of my favorite things about the POWER SNAP is that it creates a higher 'smash factor,' as well as the kind of flush contact that guarantees distance and accuracy.

What a relief when you realize you don't need brute force to create power!

Instead, you can simply leverage the same awesome, concentrated power that propels the tip of a snapped towel to break the sound barrier.

And just let physics do the work for you.

So keep watching and see the proof for yourself of just how quickly and easily this one tiny move works for literally anyone at any age or skill level.

In fact, in all my years of fixing swing problems for both pros and amateur golfers, this is by far the fastest and simplest way to a consistently smooth, powerful, distance-multiplying swing I’ve ever come across that permanently sticks.

Why? Because you only need to focus on one simple move that replaces everything.

And you can forget about clubface angles, shaft positions, swing planes — because the POWER SNAP does all of that for you... automatically.

I don't care if you struggle to break 100, have a pot belly with a homemade swing or even if you’re past your prime and are battling arthritis so bad you can barely hold the club...

And you'll catch on in just 3 to 5 swings and start lowering your score immediately.

Because nothing sends your score plunging faster than stepping up to the tee with water right and OB left... while you absolutely flush your drive right down the middle, leaving you an easy wedge into the green.

No more drives falling out of the sky like a wounded duck or balls flying off to Never, Neverland.

It's astonishing to me how few golfers ever discover this natural and effective way of hitting the ball longer and straighter.

But I'm proud to say that for you, that could change today.

And here's why...

Be Among the First
to Get the POWER SNAP Edge

I love helping as many golfers as possible get better at — and have more fun playing — our great game of golf.

And the POWER SNAP is the fastest way I’ve ever found to accomplish that.

But, until now, the only way to learn the POWER SNAP was to fly out to my private club in Cleveland and fork over $1,000 for a two-hour lesson.

And that's if you could even get on my schedule, which is already jam-packed with teaching commitments, and traveling all over the country filming "Swing Clinic."

I know I'll never really spread the word about the POWER SNAP one-to-one.

So when Crew72 Golf approached me about producing an instructional video series on the POWER SNAP, I was all ears...

Especially since they’re famous worldwide for giving serious amateurs state-of-the-art training that's as fun as it is instructive.

They’ve done work for CBS, the Golf Channel and A&E — so I knew the production quality would be superb, and on the same level as my
Fox Sports show.

We reserved one of the most beautiful courses on the planet and brought in a world-class video team.

This was serious, motion-picture quality production with three high-def cameras which caught every single angle... drones that flew overhead for epic birds'-eye views... and a crew the size of a small army who ensured that each shot was perfectly planned and executed.

We wanted to be sure to give serious golfers like you everything you need to master the POWER SNAP and put it to work on transforming your game —
as quickly, easily and enjoyably as possible.

Flushing shot after shot...

Stuffing irons into par 4's...

And circling more birdies on your card than ever.

Your buddies may even jokingly accuse you of having hired a pro golfer double.

In just a few minutes, I’ll tell you how to get instant access to the complete
POWER SNAP System...

Which you could literally start watching right away and start seeing the changes in the distance and accuracy of your drives just an hour from now.

But first, let me tell you about how the
POWER SNAP System is set up.

It consists of three parts...

First, the 10-Minute POWER SNAP Quick-Start gives you the basics of this move in mere minutes.

Here's where you'll feel its awesome power for yourself, and discover how to apply its tremendous energy to your drives.

And if all you want to do is add more yards on your drives with pinpoint accuracy, you'll be ready to head out to the range, take your 3 to 5 practice shots and start watching your distance numbers steadily rise.

I wish I could be there to see your jaw drop when you experience just how little effort it takes to unleash this newfound power and start crushing the ball with this crazy-simple move.

But don’t stop there, because it would really be a shame to miss out on part two —
How to Apply the POWER SNAP to Every Club in your Bag.

Look, sometimes you need that extra burst of power and accuracy with a fairway wood from long range or a short iron into the green —
so you can shave off even more strokes.

That's when you'll really be glad you added these 8 different versions of the
POWER SNAP to your arsenal, including how to use it to hit draws, fades, stingers, flighted shots, wedges, bunker shots, chips and even pitches.

This... is... for... you... if you want pro-level power and control throughout your game.

And, last but far from least, you'll have full access to my Advanced POWER SNAP Module. If you want to really lock in your POWER SNAP skills and take your game to the next level and beyond — to not just get better but become one of the best around — this module is for you.

This three-part training is jam-packed with the proven techniques I’ve used to improve the games of pros, semi-pros, celebrities and thousands of weekend golfers...

All in an easy-to-absorb video format you can watch anywhere, anytime you need it — even on your phone in the middle of a round!

It’s like having me in your pocket as your swing coach!

Look — if you’re a traditionalist who wants to stick to what you know, I can understand that.

But, if you’re open to trying something truly new and groundbreaking — something that turns tradition on its head and gets you consistently rocketing drives off the tee like you've always dreamed...

Then the POWER SNAP System isn’t just a system for you...

It's the only system for you.

Get Me Started Now!

One last thing... and I know you're going to love it.

You’re not only getting the POWER SNAP System today!

Just for watching this presentation, I’m going to give you — absolutely free —
3 very special gifts if you act right now.

In fact, the first two gifts alone may well cause you to shoot your lowest score ever on your very next round.

Because these two mini-clinics are filled with the very same secrets that I give to my private coaching students who fly in and pay me a fortune.

The first is one that I call...

3 Tricks That Completely Eliminate Chunked Chips

How many times do you reach for that putter off the green just hoping you don’t have to chip — instead putting — from off the green, and watching as your ball bounces up in the air with no hope of rolling anywhere near
the pin?

It’s so embarrassing, right?

Well, that all ends today.

In this chipping mini-clinic, you'll discover...

  • My no-hands technique for chipping that instantly eliminates
    chunked chips...
  • The anti-chunk setup that guarantees crisp contact your very next
    time out...
  • A nifty little hack from Phil Mickelson that I call “The lock and press,” which guarantees flush contact and distance control...
  • My chipping secret for “automatic spin,” also known around the green as the “Two-Hop and Stop.” This insider move will have you stopping it on a dime for both perfect distance control and easy up and ins, no matter
    the lie...
  • And a whole lot more!

Don't miss this opportunity to finally conquer — once and for all — one of the most vexing shots in golf.

Your second mini-clinic concerns a topic that, for most golfers I know, is a way to banish double bogeys from your scorecard.

I call it...

If you’ve come this far, I definitely think you're ready to see what all of the fuss is about and to take your game to the next level... and beyond.

That’s why I want to make this a crazy-easy decision for you... with a DOUBLE guarantee.

Our Best in the Business
DOUBLE Guarantee!

Part one of this double guarantee is that the POWER SNAP System must add 20 to 40 yards of newfound distance to your drives...

While fixing your dreaded slice and consistency woes...

Or you get every. Penny. Back. Guaranteed. No questions asked.

And, part two...

Is that you can also get your money back for any reason at all.

Or even for no reason at all.

While it may seem risky for us to make an offer like this, we're glad to because we're confident that you'll be so thrilled with the POWER SNAP System that we couldn’t pry it out of your hands with a 7 iron!

Think of this as your risk-free opportunity to give the POWER SNAP System a 365-day test drive while you finally start playing the best golf of your life.

With absolutely zero risk to you.

All I'm asking you to do is to watch videos in the private members' area and tee up 3 to 5 balls at the range.

And if you don't feel your swing has been transformed... if you don’t feel — just like the golfers you've heard from today — that you've instantly added payloads of power, erased bad swing habits that have haunted you for years, lowered your handicap and are playing a whole new (and much more enjoyable) game...

Then simply ask for a full refund on the spot. Or a year from now.

But if, instead, you find yourself driving it farther than ever, right down the middle, dropping strokes from your game, and outplaying even your younger self...

Then I hope you'll let me known how good it feels to finally bomb the ball with the best of them and be proud of — instead of embarrassed by — your scores.

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I don’t want that for you.

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Or — don’t tell them where you got it from and simply use the POWER SNAP System to start taking money from them for a change.

I’ll understand completely.

The thing is... why wait?

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I want you to really soak in everything you'll be getting...

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Discover how to leverage the hidden power pinned up inside of you to unleash 20-30 even 40 yards of more distance. Price $147.00 $47.00

All 3 modules: the 10- minute Power Snap Quick-Start, how to apply the POWER SNAP to Every Club in Bag, and the Advanced Power Snap Module

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