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  • Peter Kostis’ Putting Professor: The only putting trainer that tailors a perfect path and square face to your personal setup and style. (Value: $129.95.)
  • “Peter Kostis’ Putting Secrets of the Pros” video series: The legendary teacher demonstrates how the world’s greatest players putt consistently well from all over the green – and shows you how to do it, too.
  • “Peter Kostis’ Golf Lessons: Over 65 Unique Instructional Tips” video series: From driving to iron play to chipping, Peter Kostis’ simple yet powerful tips will jump-start your whole game
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“Different strokes for different folks.”

The old saying applies quite literally to putting.

Think about the greatest putters in modern history. 

Jack Nicklaus. Ben Crenshaw. Tiger Woods. 

Billy Casper. Isao Aoki. Steve Stricker. 

Seve Ballesteros. Phil Mickelson . Brad Faxon. 

Their strokes looked completely different.

As did their stances, grips and postures. 

They had different paths. Different planes. Different rhythms.

In other words, they all had different ways of achieving the same goal:

Squaring the blade to the target line at impact. 
Given these variables from golfer to golfer, you’d think most putting training aids would offer some flexibility.

You’d think they’d allow each individual golfer to build a solid stroke based on his or her own setup, posture and style.

You’d think the typical putting trainer would account for each golfer’s height or plane or even the length of their putter.

Well, if you did think that…

You’d be sadly mistaken.


Too many training aids lock you into a rigid path…

… all but forcing you to stand at a certain distance, assume a certain posture and swing the putter on a certain plane.

Different strokes for different folks?

More like one size fits all.

To make matters worse, some putting aids only groove your stroke path – without training you to keep the blade square to that path.

That’s a big problem.

Recent studies have shown that anywhere from 85% – 92% of a putt’s starting direction is determined by the face angle at impact.

And that an error of just 2° can cause you to miss a straight-in 5-footer.

From 10 feet it’s a mere 1°.


Let’s say you want to be a better putter.

Perhaps even a great one.

Your wish list might start with making all your 4-footers, plus…

Knocking in a couple of longer ones each round, and of course…

Cutting way down on your three-putts.
In that case, you’d need a training aid that helped you hone a consistent stroke path AND square the blade at impact – aka the moment of truth.

In a perfect world, this training aid would be adjustable, letting you customize it to your own setup and posture.

If you tend toward a “flat” stroke plane – more horizontal – you wouldn’t have to fight the aid or fit your stroke to a whole different arc.

Likewise if you’re more upright or vertical, with a straight-back-straight-through style.

If you could find a training aid like that, well, that would be great.

Now, if that same aid improved your rhythm, feel and distance control…

Along with your green reading skills…

And it was created by a legendary golf instructor and used by famous tour pros… 

That would be flat-out awesome, wouldn’t it?

So awesome you’d probably pay a nice chunk of change for it, huh?

Upwards of 80… 100… maybe even 120 bucks?

No doubt, you’d get your money’s worth. And then some.

Which is what makes this offer so off-the-charts incredible.

Peter Kostis’ Putting Professor is Yours When You Order Today

Just complete your order and we’ll send it right out – along with a package of game-improving bonus goodies.

Our hunch that you’d gladly pay $120 for the Putting Professor was actually an educated guess. 

The product currently sells for $129.95 in some online shops , and that’s without shipping charges added.

So our price of $79 is a clear no-brainer!
Coming up, we’ll explain what makes the Putting Professor unique among putting aids – and how it will quickly and permanently transform you into a can’t-miss wielder of the flat stick.

We’ll also tell you about the 30-day, money-back guarantee that removes all risk from your purchase.

First, another look at the bounty of extras you get for less than 20 bucks.

Each Putting Professor Package Includes:

  • Adjustable plane board and carrying case
  • Two 2-ball guides with two-way tape for easy application
  • Two series of instructional videos:
    • “Peter Kostis’ Putting Secrets of the Pros”
    • “Peter Kostis’ Golf Lessons: Over 65 Unique Instructional Tips” 

1. Adjustable Plane Board

The key word: adjustable.

You may have seen or used other putting aids with an arced board, which you use to guide your putter along the stroke path. The vertical angle on those aids, however, is static – so instead of the board adjusting to fit your setup and stroke, you must adjust to fit the board.
The Putting Professor features a pair of moveable legs, allowing you to adjust the board up and down. The more horizontal its angle relative to the ground, the larger your arc will be. (Woods, Crenshaw and Faxon all have significant arc to their strokes.)

Set the board at a more vertical pitch and you’ll have less arc, or more of a straight-back-and-through stroke (a la Steve Stricker). 

Because it’s adjustable, you can also stand closer to or farther from the ball – at whatever distance makes you comfortable and matches the lie angle of your putter.

Of course, you can also revamp your entire setup and stroke path as you wish. Need more of inside-square-inside arc? Adjust the board downward. Feel you’ve got too much arc in your current stroke? Move it to a more vertical position. 
A few minutes of regular practice with the Putting Professor and soon you’ll be 100% comfortable over the ball… Before and during the stroke. 

2. Two-Ball Putter Guide (2 per package)

Another flaw of typical putting aids: They don’t automatically train you to keep the blade square.
The Putting Professor solves this problem with a simple T-bar that attaches to your putter. 

Make your stroke, with the bar’s two white balls resting against the black board. You’ll instantly notice if the front or back ball loses contact with the board.

If the front ball comes off during your stroke, you’re opening the blade too much. If the back ball separates from the board, you’re closing or hooding the blade.

No matter what angle you set the board at or how arced your stroke, keeping both balls touching it assures your putter is square to your path, back and through. 

3. Two Instructional Video Series by Peter Kostis

The first is “Peter Kostis’ Putting Secrets of the Pros” – and if anyone knows those secrets, it’s Peter Kostis.
He’s taught the likes of Bernhard Langer, Steve Elkington, Paul Casey and Chez Reavie . He’s seen a decent putter or two in his role as a network commentator as well.

Your third DVD is “Peter Kostis’ Golf Lessons: Over 65 Unique Instructional Tips.” These tee-to-green tutorials are a gold mine of stroke-slashing info and drills from one of the world’s premier teachers. 
Whatever part of your game needs work – whether it’s your driving distance, approach shot accuracy, chipping, bunker play or anything else – you’ll find valuable lessons among these quick tips. 

Peter Kostis’ Putting Professor promises long-term improvement to a crucial part of your game.

It’s a fact: 

Putting accounts for 40% – 43% of all shots during a typical round. But it doesn’t have to.

Shave just a couple points off your percentage and your handicap will drop.

With Peter Kostis’ Putting Professor at your disposal, you’ll do a lot better than that.

Use it at home.

Set it up in your office.

Take it to the practice green – where you’ll get the most out of this versatile aid.

The more room you have, the more you can work on you stroke from varying distances.

Use the Putting Professor on an actual green and you’ll also improve your green reading skills.

Here’s how:

Find a putt with some amount of break – say, a 10-footer that moves left.

Choose an aiming spot and align the board with it.

Stroke a few putts, making sure to keep the blade square throughout.

If you miss consistently right or left, you misread the break. Adjust the board accordingly and repeat until you drain several putts in a row.

Do this regularly and pretty soon… 

You’ll read every putt with the eyes of a pro.

And when you set up to the ball, you’ll have everything you need to knock it in.
The proper address position.

Comfortable stance.

Perfect alignment.

Pure stroke path.

Square blade.

And a world of confidence.

Crazy to think you can get all this for nothing more than the cost of shipping.


Or that you risk nothing, not even the small price, thanks to this:

Peter Kostis’ Putting Professor comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

We want you to try it out before deciding to keep it.

Experiment with different angles on the board.

Vary your stance and stroke path.

Test a straight-back-straight through stroke vs. a more arced motion.

Work with the Putting Professor, then take your newly honed stroke to the course.

We’re sure you’ll notice a change.

We’re certain you’ll make knee-knockers look like gimmes.

We’re confident you’ll three-putt far less often, if at all.

We know you’ll shoot lower scores.

And if we’re wrong?
Just return the Putting Professor within 30 days and  we’ll refund your order.
Simple as that.

Likewise, this decision should be a piece of cake.

You’re looking at less than 80 bucks for a lifetime of deadly putting…

… A better all-around game…

… Lower scores and a shrinking handicap, PLUS…

But only if you hustle.

Because our limited supply of Peter Kostis’ Putting Professor is dwindling as we speak.

Grab yours right now – and start holing more putts the next time you play.
  • Proven Training Aid To Drastically Improve Your Putting 
  • Full Putting Professor Kit
  • Tips from the great Peter Kostis 
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